$1,106,165.02 - Nelson v. Muldoon

December 13, 2007

Practice Area: Car Accident

Outcome: $1,106,165.02 jury verdict in Forsyth County


Rear end collision that resulted in the death of a 17 year old boy in Forsyth County. One of two named Defendants was driving a Ford F-150 with large mud tires and a lift kit when he struck the rear of a Mitsubishi that had stopped to turn left. Plaintiff's decedent was sitting in the rear of the Mitsubishi when it was struck and he was pronounced dead at the scene shortly thereafter. In deposition, Defendant driver refused to admit responsibility in causing the collision and blamed an unknown vehicle driving in front of him for obscuring his view and then making an improper lane change. The unidentified driver was named as a party to the lawsuit as a John Doe motorist and was defended by an Uninsured Motorist carrier at trial. Jury ultimately found the uinidentified driver to be 90% responsible for the loss in awarding a total verdict of $1,106,165.02. The UM carrier attempted an unsuccessful appeal, and the verdict was paid in addition to pre-judgment interest.Nelson v. Muldoon - $1,106,165.02