$149,500.00 - J.E. vs. A. Inc. & S.M.

Case Conclusion Date: September 4, 2013

Practice Area: Car / Auto Accident

Outcome: $149,500.00

Description: Rear-end collision involving a Defendant operating a commercial van attempting to pass client on Stone Mountain freeway. Client was struck in the rear and pushed into median wall. Client's vehicle sustained minimal damage to the driver's side wheel well, and EMS was not called to the scene. Client / Plaintiff followed up with his primary care physician four days after the wreck with pain in his lumbar region. Plaintiff never visited the ER. Defendants vehemently disputed the origin of client's lumbar injuries, citing prior worker's comp injuries to the same region of his back. Plaintiff never underwent surgery, and his medicals were approximately $28,000.00, a significant portion of which included MRI's and physical therapy. Plaintiff prevailed on Defendants' summary judgment motion on punitive damages, citing the considerable history of prior wrecks and aggressive driving of the defendant employee reported to the company. Case settled on the eve of trial for nearly 6 times Plaintiff's medical expenses.