K.R. vs. C.T., LLC, C.B., et al. - U.S. District Court, Northern District, Atlanta Division

Case Conclusion Date: January 12, 2018

Practice Area: Trucking Collision

Outcome: $175,000.00

Description: This federal court case arose when an over-the-road truck driver made an improper lane change without properly checking his blind spot while driving on I-285.  The defense initially disputed that they were responsible for the wreck, but they ultimately amended their Answer to accept fault for causing the collision.  Mr. Houghton took depositions in multiple states of the truck driver and truck company owner who both blamed each other for the DOT compliance failures that followed this collision.  Although the client's injuries were primarily soft tissue, Mr. Houghton was able to enhance the value of the case by illuminating to the Court all of the federally-required evidence that was destroyed.  In particular, the defendant driver had a history of drug & alcohol disqualifications before this wreck.  However, the company and driver failed to undergo any of the federally-required post-collision drug and alcohol testing following this incident, thus destroying evidence that was invaluable to the Plaintiff's case.  This case settled for a significant multiple of the client's medical expenses on the eve of the sanctions hearing against the defense in U.S. District Court.