$30,000.00 - S.L. v. Delta Express, LLC, et al.

Case Conclusion Date: June 16, 2011

Practice Area: Trucking Accident

Outcome: $30,000.00

Description: A disputed liability truck wreck in which Defendant truck driver veered left into client's lane striking the front passenger side of her vehicle. Client lost control of her car and swerved into the lane to her left before being struck by another vehicle. Client's car ultimately came to an uncontrolled rest in the median. Miraculously, the client sustained only minor back and neck injuries and had approximately $5,000.00 in medical expenses. Suit was filed in Fulton State Court against the at-fault trucking company and the insurance carrier under the Georgia direct action statute. Counsel for client prevailed in getting Defendant's motion for summary judgment on the direct action issue denied. Case settled for nearly 6 times the medical expenses.