$35,000.00 - S.M. vs. Sysco Atlanta, LLC

June 2, 2010

Practice Area: Trucking Accident

Outcome: $35,000.00


Case involved a truck driver who was struck from the rear by another tractor-trailer driver inside the City of Atlanta in 2007 on I-75 south. Plaintiff sustained soft tissue injuries to his back and shoulders and continued driving for his company with no extended period of time off from work. Plaintiff did not seek immediate medical attention on date of wreck and later received mainly chiropractic therapy and care. Suit was filed in Fulton State Court shortly after Houghton Law Firm received this case from another law office, and extensive discovery production by Defendant trucking company revealed a significant history of wrecks and citations by the defendant driver. Plaintiff amended the complaint to include claims for negligent retention. The case settled three months into the discovery period by private negotiation.