$375,000.00 - Confidential - Tractor-Trailer Crash - 4/30/2018


Client sustained injuries to her cervical spine in a wreck that resulted from a tractor-trailer attempting a wide left turn into a side street.  Our client underwent 2 separate surgeries for a cervical disc herniation and a resulting infection.  Liability in the case was fairly clear. However, the dynamic of the impact did not create major damage to our client's vehicle.  One of the challenges in the case was attributing the bio-mechanics of the injury to the relatively low impact of the wreck.  Additionally, there was a prior medical history and other issues in the client's past that would have adversely affected the Plaintiff's damages presentation at trial.  Mr. Houghton took liability depositions in multiple states which demonstrated that the motor carrier had effectively disposed of numerous federally-required documents, including driver's logs, trip reports, and bills of lading. This disposed evidence would have given Plaintiff's counsel a greater understanding of this employee's hours of service and level of fatigue when he attempted this dangerous turn.  The case resolved at mediation a couple weeks before a 2nd wave of scheduled depositions of company representatives.