$50,000.00 - F.L. & D.L. vs. C.R.

May 21, 2010

Practice Area: Personal Injury

Outcome: $50,000.00


Two year old little girl attacked at a neighborhood party by the property owner's Rottweiler mixed dog. Liability was strenuously disputed by Defendant in deposition who claimed that the dog had never previously bitten or behaved aggressively towards people. Suit was filed in Fulton State Court, and investigation by counsel revealed that a neighbor had previously been bitten by the same animal one year before the incident in question. Child sustained puncture wounds and faint scarring to her forehead, and parents incurred approximately $7,000.00 in medical expenses. The case resolved with the homeowner's insurance carrier at mediation in the Spring of 2010 shortly after the deposition of the prior bite victim.