$95,000.00 - P.H. v. Confidential Commercial Defendant

Case Conclusion Date: April 22, 2011

Practice Area: Trucking Accident

Outcome: $95,000.00

Description: Defendant driver who was operating a 16 wheel box truck was attempting a right turn out of a shopping center in Albany, Georgia when he caused this failure to yield collision. Client was approaching Defendant in the far right lane of travel. Defendant rolled through his stop and pulled out onto the street directly in front of client. Client struck the rear driver side of the truck before coming to an uncontrolled rest on the side of the road. Client was diagnosed with a condition known as lateral epicondlytis from striking her left arm on the doorframe at impact. The property damage to client’s vehicle was minimal and the defense vehemently disputed the origin of the injury. Client had minimal wage loss and returned to work shortly after the incident. Case resolved for nearly five times the special damages through private negotiation 3 months after suit was filed in Fulton State Court.