Confidential Settlement – Tractor-trailer wreck

Case arose from a tractor-trailer wreck involving an improper lane change by a truck driver on I-20 Eastbound at its intersection with I-285 Northbound.  Defendant driver and motor carrier destroyed the driver’s logs after being placed on notice of the claim.  Liability was disputed throughout litigation, and suit was filed in federal court.  The defendant motor carrier’s principal place of business was in Texas, and there was evidence that the company consciously ignored an extensive history of drunk driving, speeding, and preventable collisions in hiring the driver.

Our client had medical expenses around $19,000.00 arising from back and neck injuries with some evidence of degenerative disk bulging.  The case settled in Court-ordered mediation 2 weeks before the pretrial order was due for over four and a half (4.5) times the Plaintiff’s medical expenses.