Premises Liability / Criminal Acts by 3rd Parties

Every evening on the news, we hear of unthinkable tragedies at local businesses and apartment complexes that could have been prevented by adequate security or better maintenance.  Premises owners have an absolute duty to their patrons and customers to maintain their premises in a reasonably safe condition, and provide adequate security to prevent these sort of injuries.

Premises liability cases can be quite tough to litigate, as the assignment of fault is much different than normal auto wreck cases. Defendant premises owners and their insurers put up a significant fight over liability in these cases, and recent appellate law in Georgia has made this issue far more complex for practitioners. Premises owners routinely (and often incorrectly) point the finger at the injured claimant as the person responsible for these incidents. Extensive litigation and a comprehensive understanding of the rules and regulations these owners are required to follow is absolutely necessary to achieving success in these cases. Investigations into prior criminal complaints to law enforcement, as well as previous incidents in the company records allows the claimant's attorney to establish the requisite knowledge to prevail against the business owner in these cases.

The Houghton Law Firm has been retained as counsel in multiple premises liability cases involving unsafe hazards or violent criminal acts by 3rd parties.  We are always ready to discuss any such incident that has resulted in the severe injury or death of an innocent victim.