Motorcycle Tragedies Increase

As We Move Into Spring, Motorcycle Tragedies Increase

By: John A. Houghton

This time of year, we always see an increase in tragedy on the Georgia roadways, as motorcyclists begin enjoying the nice weather while other drivers simply fail to pay attention.  Often times, motorcycle wrecks are the result of inattentive driving by motorists who fail to properly check blind spots or do not look twice when making a turn.


Scene evidence is vital in the aftermath of motorcycle wrecks. Victims and their families should take numerous photos at the scene and do everything they can to preserve the wreckage.  Any visible injuries such as road rash, lacerations or contusions need to be photographed as well.  The at-fault driver’s insurance company will not only fight the case on fault, but they will do everything they can to de-value the extent of the motorcyclist’s injuries.


In particularly tragic circumstances, families of the deceased need to retain an attorney who works closely with the prosecution to ensure that the criminal justice process preserves all evidence for the pending civil case. 


Our hearts go out to the families of those lost in this season’s roadway tragedies.